How to submit

Step 1- Click on the Submit here link. Prepare information and files prior to completing the ONLINE ENTRY FORM.
Step 2- Fill out name and information in the Online Entry Form.
Step 3- Select the art form and category.
Step-4 Upload art in the required format according to submission guidelines.
Step 5- Click on Submit now.

Online Upload Details

 Video & Audio Visuals
Artist must upload Video Url (Youtube, Facebook etc.)
Those artists who cannot upload their videos on any online platform can send their videos as a personal message on
Contact us for more info : 9584963696

 Picture Upload
1. Only original works shall be accepted.
2. File format: .jpg, .gif, PNG or pdf.
3. Maximum File Size: 10MB
For files larger than 10MB send the files through Whatsapp @ 9584963696. For the resolution of any other issues call 9584963696

 Text Format
1. Text file format: PDF / DOCX /. Docs
2. Maximum word limit-
Short Story / Essay- 500 words
Prose / Poetry- Max 20 lines.
3. Written in English / Hindi only.
NOTE: No plagiarism. Artwork should be original.


Thanks for sharing your art.