Maheshwar Fest

Maheshwar Utsav will be Central India's first major plastic-free event. We want to demonstrate to the world that it is possible to conduct events involving large numbers of visitors at beautiful locations without damaging the environment.

It will be hosted on 4th, 5th & 6th October 2019 by 'The Art Promoters' (TAP) in Maheshwar.

Maheshwar is a beautiful town in Madhya Pradesh and is known for its handloom, Maheshwari silk and sarees which are coveted all across the country. The historical importance of this town is derived from the riverside fort of the royal family of Holkars built on the banks of Narmada.

Utsav will not only help the artisans, craftsman and budding artist but will also protect and enhance India's heritage in the nation's transition to modernity. This three-day festival will consist of cultural events, art exhibitions and Narmada Aarti, heritage walk, etc. and is designed explicitly for institutes and related organizations. This will achieve global prominence for Maheshwar's art, culture & textiles by establishing Maheshwar as a textile tourism hub.

The event aims to bring together people who love travelling, culture, history, art, and food. This event has something for everyone.


Maheshwar run will be organized by TAP to spread the awareness of maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle.

TAP will be conducting:-

5K and 11K point-to-point run, taking runners through the beautiful ambiance of Maheshwar with its historical surroundings, river Narmada etc. The run will be conducted on 06th October 2019


Maheshwar is one of India’s ancient temple towns, with a riverside fort and the background hum of early morning hymns. It has long held spiritual significance (mentioned in ancient Hindu scriptures under its old name, Mahishmati) and continues to draw sadhus and yatris, or pilgrims, to its ancient ghats and temples beside the holy Narmada River.


Utsav will be conducting three days long exhibition and demo by artists showcasing local handlooms, textiles, paintings, and other art forms. Spectators can understand handloom and textile with the help of exhibition and exposure to the Maheshwar art along with Chanderi techniques & learn the design process of Bagh Prints by artisans having a curated learning experience.


Understanding the culture of a nation, people, or group—the arts, beliefs, customs, practices, values, and social behaviours—lies at the heart of Maheshwar. An opportunity to get firsthand experiences of the diverse offerings of culture and artistic expression found in a community and broaden their horizons and gain unique insights into the community as well as a broader global perspective of our world's diverse cultures.


Spectators would be able to have a panoramic view of the rituals as the aarti is conducted on the Narmada River’s edge amid much fanfare and religious fervor. The glittering lamps and reverberating chants of the hymns evoke spiritual sentiments as you glide-by in the boat.

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