Art street carnival is a first-of-its-kind happening from January 2021. It’s a multifaceted art exhibition to stimulate the love of learning and motivation for art and culture; and to provide beauty and discipline in the lives of many. The spot light of carnival will not only be an array of eco-friendly artifacts and products but a platform for creating and appreciating art together on the streets through painting, graffiti murals, photography, theatre, spoken word, interactive art installations, live street performances, extreme sports, film

shows and recyclable design workshops. This will not only promote art and culture but will also boost tourism as local tourists will be invited to explore an array of top notched street style entertainment, fascinating art, culture and tantalizing cuisine.

Registration Amount: INR 750

Event Start Date: 8th January

Event End Date: 10th January

Sign Up Start Date: 15th December

Sign Up End date: 3rd January